Committee Chair—Officer Julie Werhnyak                                           Tempe Police Department
Co-Chair—Lt. Diana Clevenger                                                                      Mesa Police Department
Mission Statement
The mission of Mentoring Committee is to facilitate the professional development of women in Law enforcement by providing mentoring, support, career coaching and networking opportunities.
•To cultivate relationships between mentors and mentees
•To provide a support system for women in law enforcement as well as networking and professional development opportunities
•To help officers transition from one assignment to another within their agency
•To impart knowledge, experience and expertise to women in law enforcement
Current Assignment:
Areas of Professional Interest:
What Role/Roles would you like your mentor to play?:
Other (Please specify) :
What is your preferred method of communication?:
How often would you like to communicate with your mentor?:
What has been your greatest challenge in your career?:
What are you the most proud of when it comes to your career?:
Where do you see yourself in five years?:
List your top 3 career goals?:
What are your strengths and weaknesses?:
Days and Times you are generally available: