First Five

Personal Branding / First Five Years

Mission Statement
This committee exists to create a foundation that encourages women of law enforcement to forge a successful career with integrity, courage and the vision to be great.

To this end, we will utilize seminars, forums, small groups and opportunities for mentoring to:

Challenge gender stereotypes as they pertain to women in law enforcement.

Develop women to take both informal roles and formal leadership positions within the law enforcement community.

Provide women with the tools to sustain and thrive in their law enforcement career.

Promote positive interaction amongst peers in law enforcement.


Committee Chair— Sgt. Michelle Pickrom                     Tucson Police Department
Co-Chair— Det. Virginia Bolenbaugh                         Phoenix Police Department

Small Group

If you are in your first five years of your law enforcement career, the Personal Branding / First Five Years Committee invites you to participate in a small group discussion made up of other women with a similar amount of time in Law Enforcement to discuss the good, bad, and ugly of this noble career as experienced specifically from a woman’s perspective. Each small group discussion will be divided by the amount of time on (1-2yrs, 3-4yrs, and 5yrs) and by geographic region in order to facilitate open discussion on relevant topics, mutual edification, and community among female law enforcers. Topics to be discussed in small group discussion include:

Maintaining mental health
Maintaining physical health
Maintaining balance in professional and personal life
Gender stereotypes
Effective communication
Problem solving
Career development
Leadership quality development
Developing a positive reputation

Please submit your contact information to AZWIN at  Small group discussions will be organized when the number of interested participants arises to at least 6 in each group.  Groups will meet at least quarterly throughout the year, and more often if desired by the participants.  We look forward to meeting you women and THANK YOU for all you do!