Mission and Vision

AZWIN is in the planning stages of hosting a conference in June of 2017! We are calling for planners, organizers, and workers! Please let us know if you are interesting in helping this inaugural event and specify if you can assist in planning/organizing and/or working the conference. CONTACT US!


AZWIN serves to recruit, hire, train, retain, mentor, promote and sustain qualified women in Arizona law enforcement an its executive ranks thereby enhancing our profession in its entirety


The Arizona Women’s Initiative Network (AZWIN) – Our mission is to increase the proportion of qualified women working in law enforcement and its executive positions. AZWIN was founded to develop best practices recommendations to the Arizona agencies to recruit, retain and promote qualified women in the law enforcement profession.

The AZWIN working group has enacted 5 committees designed to produce best practices and programs to assist agencies in the following areas: Executive Committee, Full Spectrum Recruiting, First Five Years, Mentoring and Promotion/Leadership Development. 

Challenges faced by women in the profession are not unique solely to women, but to those similarly situated to the diversity issues faced by women. By enhancing the environment and practices while strengthening our knowledge and abilities in this endeavor, we develop an entire profession and therefore strengthen our communities as a whole.